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Sell Your Properties Fast

Virtual tours of homes that bring a property to life in a way that is just not
achievable with still images.

Online video is an essential part of any marketing strategy, why should selling a house be any different:

  • It connects with potential buyers in a way that photographs can’t!
  • You can easily demonstrate the flow of the house and create an emotional bond from the first view
  • Video is now the most important tool in Real Estate marketing
  • Qualified buyers - It's a virtual 'Open House' for the online community
  • High-quality, cost-effective work that gets your message heard and seen...

Real estate video sells property faster

Better informed buyers, buy homes

Professional Bespoke Services

  • Professional Service

    High-quality, cost-effective work that gets your message heard and seen…

  • Video Narration

    We use a wide range of English and American professional voice overs.

  • Engage Social Media

    Short ‘trailer’ style videos can also be created for sharing on social media

  • Property Guided Tour

    Highlight key features with professional presenter or Realtor hosted videos.

  • Custom property website design

    We can build you a custom website to showcase a specific real estate property

  • Aeriel Shots using UAV (drone) platforms

    Give buyers an amazing overview of the location and scale of a property.

  • Custom floor and site plans

    Custom floor and site plans -this service, coupled with a video will give potential buyers the sense of scale and layout of the property


  • Broadcast Quality Audio

    Audio is as important as the picture, we use high quality “real” music that fits perfectly with the style and character of the home

Market Your Real Estate Business

Video is a powerful tool for introducing yourself to potential customers
or reinforcing your relationship with existing clients.
First impressions count, and this is an ideal way to get it right every time.


Professional Agent Videos

Showcase your real estate services to sellers and buyers

  • Agent intro/outro to property
  • Presenter guided tour
  • We help you decide on the best style and finalize any scripting.
  • We will always do everything we can to work with your budget.

Showcase your real estate services to sellers and buyers

  • Green screen and editing service
  • Teleprompter and script writing
  • Film on location or from your office
  • Presenter or agent on camera

Green screen and teleprompter

Claudia Nicolaou - Realtor

"Professional, creative and easy to work with, Real Estate Media provides an all in one service that you will be proud to call your team."

Why We Are Your No.1 Choice

Real Estate Media is a video production company who understand that content drives leads, trust drives sales, and great communication drives lasting relationships.

Video delivers all three, and Sounds Fishy delivers video.

Professional and friendly service

We use the latest modern video equipment

A creative Multi-Media Production & solutions team comprising of handpicked professionals in video, audio, design, animation, editing and post-production.

Sounds Fishy Productions, the company behind have more than twenty years’ experience in broadcast media both on-air & behind the scenes so we understand the process necessary to create broadcast quality sound and video… meaning our work sounds as good as it looks..

We have created outstanding corporate videos, web content, animations and presentations for national and international clients including FTSE100 companies.

We work for realtors, agents, and directly with sellers to create high production value videos that bring the property to life and really help sell a home.

Think of it like a digital open house!

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Starter Package

A basic video tour

  • Walkthrough tour of home
  • 15 second social media teaser edit
  • Music

It has never been more important to communicate your message simply and effectively. Video done right is the fastest way to engage with your prospects and convert them to customers. Real Estate Media do video right.

Chris Farrell, Internet Marketing Expert

I was hesitant to add video to my property marketing, but it allowed me to present a vitrual open house without ever leaving my office.

Ben Marcher, UK Realtor

Custom Packages For Your Needs & Budget

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